Whether your goals are building your online reputation, suppression, protection, or all of the above, the process is the same. Everything boils down to feeding search engines quality content on unique web sites in a natural, timed release process. This is how you take over your name in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and it is what we specialize in.

No matter who you hire every company is doing generally the same thing – writing professional articles, creating web sites, backlinking the sites created and your positive press that is already online. Some companies may try to hype a black box approach or secret sauce technique to drive sales. But in reality it all comes down to professional work and patience as search engines like Google have reached a point of no longer being gamed by simple coding tricks.

These are the top 5 reasons Build My Reputation costs significantly less than the competitors.

#1 – Very low overhead
We have a great team that has worked together since 2010. We all work from hom and connect by Google Drive, team collaboration software, Skype, and phone.

#2 – Proprietary Software
We spent years creating cool software that allows us to instantly launch branding sites for clients and keep them updated in monthly work reports.

#3 – No commissioned agents
We don’t have sales agents hyping our service that we have to pay thousands of dollars to for every completed sale.

#4 – Partial outsourcing
Our writers are based in the US and Canada. Our coders, link builders, and developers are located outside of the US.

#5 – Low profit margins
What costs us $150/Month we could technically mark up to $1,500/Month or even more. Or we could make professional reputation management affordable for the majority of the population by simply being willing to make less money.

At Build My Reputation we aren’t getting filthy rich by offering these campaign for $199/Month, but we are building a solid business that is very appreciated by the majority of our clients.

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