Over 3 billion searches occur a day in Google alone. Googling has even become a common term used by people digging up information on potential hires, relationships, providers, or  quick information on any topic of interest. It takes less than one second to Google something or someone so why not do it?

That is why almost EVERYONE is doing it.

That being the case, anyone can suffer due to a weak online reputation in search engines. A potential employer can’t really effectively look you up on Facebook, but they can quickly go to a search engine that holds and will instantly present public information about you in the order it chooses. We think that is unfair and easily abused, but it is the framework we have to work with.

There are two main steps to beginning the process of influencing search engines where your name is concerned.

#1 Figure out your keywords
Unfortunately you can’t get these exact stats from search engines. But you can probably figure it out on your own. Is your name common? Then people probably Google your name and location like city or state or your name and a school you attended or the company you work for. Is your name unique? People can be lazy and that case are probably typing your name and nothing more.

#2 Build Content
Once you ave your keywords it’s time to begin building positive, factual, and fresh content for search engines. This is what we specialize it at a pretty affordable rate. If you don’t want to write all the articles and build out all the sites yourself let us know, we’ve been doing it a long time!


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