Building your online reputation boils down to hard work and patience. 

Reputation Management and SEO services are typically retail priced individually at a low end of $500/Month to a high end of $10k+/Month. We charge a flat rate of $199/Month, no setup fees, and no long term contracts.

This service is designed to do the following,

>> Move positive and accurate information about you higher when people search your name in search engines.

>> Monitor your name for any online attacks.

>> Cleanup up your search results with professional, positive, accurate information about you.

>> Provide a buffer of positive web sites that you can control in your search results.

A successful, coordinated Reputation Management campaign must involve these teams working on your campaign.


1) Professional Writers

Search engines continue to become more sophisticated and they can easily sniff out software generated articles. Professional writers must be hired in your campaign to create unique, well written articles. We only hire US or Canadian based writers who have a track record of creating good content.

2) Website Developers

Your campaign needs website developers who will take newly created articles and upload those articles to new branding sites, social media sites, niche domains, etc. Our developers are accomplished in almost all forms of web development.

3) Link and Social Signal Builders

For the new content to rank well, search engines needs to see links from other sites as well as social signals pointing to it. This involves a data entry team. When the website developer uploads the sites he or she sends the new URLs to the data entry team. The data entry team then manually logs into 100+ social media, news, and bookmarking sites and adds a link to the new content. Google see the links and this typically causes the new site to rank faster.

4) Project Manager

A project manager is needed to facilitate the entire process and meet deadlines. The project manager that will be assigned to your campaign has 10 years + experience in SEO, Reputation Management and is highly skilled in the utilization of the Build My Reputationplatform.

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